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Inspired by the Coronavirus Outbreak – “NYC Unmasked”

36x24 Oil on Canvas by Rose Gennaro – Painted April 2020

I was inspired to paint this amidst the coronavirus outbreak in New York City.  The virus is depicted in the dark clouds but the light is driving it out.  To me the light represents God’s triumph over darkness.  I also wanted to express the uncanny resilience NYC is known for and its perseverance through this difficult time.  I wanted this to be an inspiration to people and to elicit a feeling of hope and faith.


As I finished the first painting depicting the Coronavirus – ‘In the Midst of the Storm’ (Coronavirus Story), I had a very strong inner sensing from God that I HAD to do a second painting of New York City depicting the virus.  God gave me a vision in my mind of the NYC skyline with the Statue of Liberty rising up behind the buildings and bigger than everything else.  The sky was to show the coronavirus, but in this painting, I visualized more light breaking through.  I used 5 photographs that I had taken myself from various trips to NYC prior to this in order to do the skyline, arranging them in such a way as to show the main buildings and icons that everyone has come to know and love.  I painted the skyline first, because I needed to see that on the canvas before I could visualize the sky.  At that point I had no idea how I was going to paint the sky to show the virus. I ended up using two photographs I had taken previously also, and then blended them into one using my intuition and sense of what I was trying to express, altering them to show my expression.  The entire painting is about what I want to SAY, which shows the coronavirus in the dark clouds, but the light of God is driving it out.   I also wanted it to represent the uncanny resilience that NYC is known for – and that it will triumph and be victorious despite the great darkness that has had it in its grip. 

What was also extraordinary about this painting, was that when I painted the Statue of Liberty face, I was simply trying to duplicate the actual face of the Statue of Liberty.  After painting the first unfinished round of the statue, I was tired and went to bed.  When I woke up the next morning I looked at the face and to my shock and amazement it was the face of Jesus!  It was not intentional but I have known for a long time that God’s anointing is with me when I paint.  I already knew this was a God inspired painting, but this was more confirmation to me that He truly guides my hand.


*This painting and others can also be viewed through a virtual show – “Poughkeepsie Open Studios”

Poughkeepsie Open Studios

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