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“Vanderbilt View in Autumn”

20x16″ Oil on Canvas

by Rose Gennaro

While walking along the Vanderbilt Mansion grounds in Hyde Park, NY in the Fall I took a series of photographs.  I was particularly fascinated by the trees on the grounds and wanted to include them in a painting.  This scene is my favorite on the grounds, overlooking the Hudson River.  I included the tree that is there as I found it to be very intriguing.  

“The Little Chapel That Stood”

24x18″ Oil on Canvas by Rose Gennaro – Painted May 2023

About 8 years ago I visited St. Paul’s Chapel in lower Manhattan with my cousin, Marc.  I had never been there before and knew nothing about the history.  It is the oldest church in Manhattan – constructed in 1766. NYC is where our first capital was.  George Washington dedicated our country to God after his inauguration in this Chapel – April 30, 1789.  He attended the church for two years – we saw his pew – it was roped off but still in the church.  In addition, there was a display of firemen’s pictures and other artifacts from 9/11 in the back of the church.  Some of the firemen killed on 9/11 attended this church.  It was also used as a base for the First Responders after the attack.

While researching information about the church, I suddenly had a vision (in my mind) for a painting depicting the Church on 9/11 – which would include George Washington. The elements that I saw and had to be included in the painting were St. Paul’s Chapel, the Twin Towers during the attack (in the background), the Sycamore Tree, George Washington in the chapel dedicating our country to God, and the firemen who risked their lives and/or lost on 9/11. The painting was to tell the story of how God preserved that church because this was where our country was dedicated to Him.

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Inspired by the Coronavirus Outbreak – “NYC Unmasked”

36x24 Oil on Canvas by Rose Gennaro – Painted April 2020

I was inspired to paint this amidst the coronavirus outbreak in New York City.  The virus is depicted in the dark clouds but the light is driving it out.  To me the light represents God’s triumph over darkness.  I also wanted to express the uncanny resilience NYC is known for and its perseverance through this difficult time.  I wanted this to be an inspiration to people and to elicit a feeling of hope and faith.

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

I pay homage to our soldiers who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation throughout history. This painting captures the morning sun as it reflects on the thousands of names adorning the memorial wall, overlooked by the Washington Monument.

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Below is a sampling of some of my collections.  I call the Hudson Valley my home and I especially love painting Hudson Valley Scenes. 

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